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Quaife differential

Quaife differential

Product Code: QUAIFEDIFF
Price: £1,440.00 (£1,200.00 exc. VAT)
This is for fitting of a Quaife differential to your car.

Quaife have learned a huge amount from all of the years in business. This has been enhanced by the hands-on approach to developing Quaife products and technology through racing.

Testing and developing Quaife products through motorsport has always been a key part of the business, since the early days of R.T. Quaife Engineering. The rich heritage of success in competition includes innumerable race victories and championship successes all over the world, not only on four wheels but also two wheels, and both on race circuits and off road.

The Ford Focus RS would not have been such a success without the use of a Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing Helical LSD differential as a standard part, fitted direct from the factory.

The initial "press" cars were not fitted with a Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential, and many journalists were less than polite after their drive!

After much development work, the Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential was found to virtually eliminate the torque steer and understeer that was suffered by the early models, and it was also then used as a standard factory-fitted item on all production models.

Over 35,000 Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential units have already been sold as original equipment, and the clean warranty record complements the quality of the product itself. This is of course supported by Quaife's ISO 9001 approval.

This covers every use from utility vehicles, to road cars, to track cars, to rallying, racing and drag racing, and no doubt many other uses.

Quaife already has over four years experience working with the big three global car manufacturers, Ford, General Motors and Daimler Chrysler, and the results speak for themselves. Together with these results, Quaife's reputation gained from 43 years as industry leader speaks volumes.

Please allow 3-5 days fitting
(prices subject to change)
(other parts may be needed at an extra charge)

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