BMW Gearbox Mapping Available From AmD Tuning

We are now able offer remapping for BMW gearboxes through the OBD port.

Only £299 incl VAT, !! This upgrade will dramatically improve the driveability and performance of your BMW.

We are also offering a £50 discount off our AmD tuning rolling road re map when purchased together.

These are the improvements that can be expected (model dependant)

Optimised D & S Shift points for better acceleration in part and full throttle situations

Approx. 25% faster up shifts in D/S modes

Approx. 50% faster up shifts in M mode

Rev Matched downshifting (Throttle – Blip)

True manual mode (no forced up shift at limiter)

Instant paddle response time

Optimised Torque Converter Lockup in 1st/2nd/3rd gear

Optimised Warm up Behaviour

Torque Limits set to 1000 Nm (737 ftlb)

Kick down delete in D/S/M

Gear Display in Dash in D/S/M Modes (not avail. on all cars)

Contact us on 01708 861 827 or for any mapping or tuning enquiries