Audi/A3/8P 2.0 FSI Turbo – 2003 -/LOBA Motorsport Parts


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This kit is for 2WD cars

Product information ‘LOBA-Sachs VAG 2.0 TFSI / TDI Stage 2 upgrade clutch kit’

LOBA-Sachs Stage 2 upgrade clutch kit 2.0 TFSI / TDI single disc 550Nm

Idea direct replacement for those that wish to replace the OE dual mass flywheel but stil have a clutch with a OE feel but still get a nice upgrade over stock.

Using a reinforced Sachs performance clutch cover has fundamental advantages against an OE clutch cover, such as a much higher transmittable torque and higher resistance against thrust, yet this kit retains a very OE feel due to a the use of a Sachs performance organic friction plate.

A lot has been made of the performance advantage of a LOBA billet flywheel. The fact that the flywheel provides 50% of the friction surface to which the disc mates and consequently half of the holding power. For maximum clutch performance, the billlet material is carefully chosen, that surface must have maximum compatibility, flat and true with the disc friction material for smooth engagement and to take advantage of the increased coefficient of friction of a high performance clutch disc. Without this compatibility, the power or torque capacity of the entire clutch system is seriously compromised. Also must be noted LOBA billet flywheels are balanced to far higher precision than stock and also much lighter.

There are completely different requirements for a clutch in motorsports. Special attention is paid to lightweight and mass moment of intertia (MMI) in order to achieve the maximum acceleration of the engine as well as shorter shifting times and sportier gearshifts. Thanks to a smaller clutch diameter and exclusive materials a significant reduction of weight and MMI is achieved in this kit. A lightweight flywheel will decrease parasitic loss at a constant rate, improving a vehicle’s horsepower and torque output (measured after the flywheel) throughout it’s entire rev range. LOBA single mass clutch kits is also not as noisy as our competitors offerings.

This makes it extremely useful for tuned cars and suits cars with modified turbos, and for vehicles that are often driven hard .

The LOBA-Sachs sports clutch kit include

  • Sachs Performance clutch cover
  • Sachs Performance clutch disc organic
  • LOBA Billet lightened & balanced single-mass flywheel made of special chromoly steel (6.7KG)
  • clutch cover screws
  • Torque rating 550 nm / 405 lbft

The fitting price ‘Does not’ include a clutch release bearing at £55+vat

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