Turbo Back Exhaust (with De-Cat / Non-Resonated)


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Cobra Sport performance exhausts enhance the sound, looks and quality of your vehicle giving you the ultimate driving experience. Our sports exhausts range is fully guaranteed to give you assurance of our quality.

This performance exhaust is made in 3″/76.2mm pipework and fits from the turbo backwards (Turbo back system) these exhausts replace the front pipe, standard catalyst, centre and rear sections.

This Focus ST sports exhaust is sold for motorsport and off road use only and will NOT be able to pass a UK MOT emissions test or police road side checks. This exhaust is also available as a high flow sports catalyst version, which will pass these checks.

This non-resonated exhaust makes the system louder as it excludes the centre silencer and therefore, has a sportier exhaust note. This exhaust is also available as a resonated version (including centre silencer) which is a quieter option.

All relevant fittings and gaskets are supplied. (Except turbo gasket).

Please Note:- Some of the fitted exhaust images may show alternative parts.

Cobra Sport Product Review

The Ford Focus ST Mk3 was always on the agenda to lend itself to another of Cobra Sports exhaust upgrades, due to the massive success of the marques predecessor.

The Cobra Sport development team recommended a 3??????? bore system in order to gain the best results with regards to both power and sound. The final development is available in both a turbo back exhaust package and a cat-back only option. Independent testing on the cat-back system gave a healthy power increase to 261.5bhp with an 8.27% increase in torque (from 254 lb-ft to 275 lb-ft). Further dealer testing of the full non resonated turbo back exhaust system with de-cat revealed a stunning +8.4% increase in power and +2.4% increase in torque. The impressive power gains with just the Cobra Sport turbo back with de-cat fitted took the overall power on the vehicle to 274.7 bhp and 294.9 lb-ft (see power graph in product images).

There is also an exceptional weight advantage, with the Cobra Sport system being 22.5% lighter than the original equipment turbo back system. The new Focus ST system has two tailpipe design options with a twin 4??????? inward rolled slash-cut tailpipe and a 4.5″ x 3″ slash cut oval. Both tailpipes are available in a highly polished 304 Stainless finished and the 4″ inverted slash cut tailpipe is also available in the popular Blackout ceramic coated tailpipe option.

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Example of Focus ST sports exhaust (Turbo Back, De-Cat, non-resonated).

Example of Focus ST sports exhaust (cat back non-resonated).

Example of Focus ST sports exhaust (cat back non-resonated).

Rolling road power testing of the Ford Focus ST250 sports exhaust (turbo back – non resonated with de-cat).

Cobra Sport Exhausts Ford promotional video.

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