Secondary Cat Bypass Pipes – Mercedes/C Class/63 (6.2L) AMG 454bhp – 2008 -/Milltek Exhausts


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<p>This our most popular upgrade for the C63 AMG, it increases sound and performance by removing the secondary cats.</p>

<p>This is an MOT safe upgrade and remapping is not required as the seconadary cats are not monitored by the ECU.</p>

<p>They really do make the C63 sound amazing.</p>

<p>This upgrade fits within the standard exhaust system.</p>


<li>Mercedes C-Class C63 AMG Saloon&nbsp;(2007-2014)</li>
<li>Mercedes C-Class&nbsp; 63 AMG Coupé&nbsp;(2007-2014)</li>
<li>Mercedes C-Class&nbsp; 63 AMG&nbsp;Estate (2007-2014)</li>

<p><strong>Consists of:</strong></p>

<li>LH Secondary Catalyst Bypass Pipe</li>
<li>RH Secondary Catalyst Bypass Pipe</li>
<li>Adaptor Pipe (OE cats to secondary cat bypass pipes)</li>

<p><strong>Pipe Diameter:</strong> 69.85mm (2.75")</p>

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