Cat Back – Resonated (Discrete) LWB – VW/T5 Van/Caravelle -/Milltek Exhausts


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<li>Volkswagen Transporter T5 LWB 1.9 TDi (85ps &amp; 104ps)</li>
<li>Volkswagen Transporter T5 LWB 2.5 TDi (130ps &amp; 174ps)</li>
<li>Volkswagen Transporter T5 LWB 2.0-litre (84ps &amp; 102ps)</li>
<li>Volkswagen Transporter T5 LWB 2.0-litre (140ps)</li>
<li>Volkswagen Transporter T5 LWB 180PS 2.0-litre BiTDI</li>

<p><strong>Consists of:</strong></p>

<li>Centre Silencer Assembly</li>
<li>LWB Adaptor Pipe</li>
<li>Rear Connecting Pipe</li>
<li>Single Discrete Oulet</li>

<p><strong>Pipe Diameter:</strong> 69.85mm (2.75")</p>

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